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Economic Lessons from an Electronics Engineer. - While nations are rich why the people are poor??

Economics students aim to tear up free-market syllabus

Undergraduates at Manchester University propose overhaul of orthodox teachings to embrace alternative theories.


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It is not the shortage of resources!
Most third world countries are rich with "resources", 
"food and essential production is quite large" and "annual exports are  billions of dollars worth ".


I was, like many other professionals, in our times wondering: 

A. Why a country like ours, rich with resources have 67% of the population that cannot buy their food and daily needs like any other citizen in the world?  Why their basic need, the food,  to be sold at a subsidized prices?

Most of these Economists, who guide and control (directly and indirectly ) the economy of countries are

(A) Economists and leaders are Born in Affluent and rich families. They give discourse that poverty is a state of mind. 
Some leaders believe a sumptuous meal can be bought @ Rs 5/-; Some others suggest  five rupee is enough for meal for a family of 5 members,
(B) Economists and most leaders are Educated in Leading economic schools in the world such  as Oxford and Harvard.
Education in such schools make economists to believe that the nation's wealth belong to those
(1)  who run, political   offices,    (2) Industry and (3) business and the rest of the people  deserve only the WAGES that too when they have an opportunity to work. 

Technology displace labour. 

Foreign investments are sought to take nation's wealth out of the country in exchange of wages for the bulk of thepopulation.

This is nothing but Aggressor's mind-set.

The economic theory views from aggressor's mind set is needlessly complex. The viewed from common sense, is absolutely simple.

I have tried my best of efforts and experience in story-telling to make economics not only simple and easy to understand but interesting too!

I have dealt in dimensions not generally treated by economic scholars. They are, Human and psychological aspects.                                                                     

To the best of my knowledge no one else have written a book on Economics that would interest any common man to read understand and enjoy it too.

N Natarajan


A honest Government in third world should link their "Growth targets and development policies" to "reducing poverty levels" and not GDP and STOCK MARKET NUMBERS.

Read the book :

It is free for some time from the publishers
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Read it!!
Share with people who wish to live in a society freed from
Poverty, exploitation, extremism.

Economists and leaders in third world
Aggressor's mind set.
Aggressors economic policies
Aggressor developed governance machinery.

These instruments favours rich;
  • Encourrages Corruption;
  • thrives on spreading falsehood.
  • survives on the inability of the 
  • common man to think.

What is wrong then?

1. The aggressor's mind-set of  both Economists and political class.
2. The Western Economic Education that was, perhaps designed to plunder the wealth of the  countries colonized.
3. The Government Machinery, Law, judiciary in  every third world countries, merely reflect the aggressor's mind-set. 
4. Economic office, unlike in developed world, is not a Criminal act in  third world, because that is what the those who run governments and the elites were engaged in all the time.
5. Corruptions in the third world has also strong linkage to aggressor's design. Corruption helps the migration of resources of starved commonman to migrate upwards into the kitty of rulers!

6. Sticky and slow processes in Legal systems, multiplicity of Quazi-judiciary, their powers without accountability, are all creation of aggressors which need to be revamped.
There are news items from time to time which shows that the judiciary is unduly lineant with rich and leaders where are tough with the poor and common man!
7. Today, someone producing forged documents can claim the property and enjoy as long as he can drag the litigation (several years) and at the end go unpunished for his act.
 Often judicial processes are used as rogue's extraction weapons! 

The list is endless. So I end it here!

What is wrong with economic policies, that aggressor's left behind in third world, that they colonized?

Economic theories divide the people into three groups:
Land owners - Investors - Labour
(A) The land owners. 

(Government can acquire the land by an order. At best they can compensate the legal owner by Money, which is not a real wealth).

Government after Government is keen to transfer the land to enterprises from the people in the name of economic activity to generate wages for the people.

(B) The Investors.

(Money, produced by Government is a reflection or image of the real products and services. It represents wealth but not a wealth in itself).
Aggresses used this pesudo wealth and acquire all the efforts of the masses who produce products and services and created a parallel or pesuedo economy. 
The aggressor's needed agents who would play investors on their behalf. They created a system called Zamindari. The system was headed by Zamindars.

New class of Zamindar's, post independence were created and they are the Large traders, Industrial and corporate houses.

(C) The bulk of the population who are known as poor and middle class provide Physical and mental labour in creating the real wealth.

The citizens are entitiled for wages if and when they are hired. 
They are useful to investors and new age Zamindars  for converting nation's resources into wealth, bulk of which is transferred to Business enterprises within and outside the society.


STEP 1:  This money, the image of real wealth, created by government, is  distributed to select class of people the modern zamindars, through the institution of Bank which handle the wealth of the country through the parallel or pseudo economy.

STEP 2:  Government gives natural resources at a small fee to this select class of people who, during colonial days were called Zamindar's.

On the strength of the pseudo product called  money, the right to use of nation's natural resources Zamindars, enterprises are created.
ven to the moden   are harnessed by hiring labour, using the land and profits are made. 
The bulk of the population, were hired for wages  to harness natural resources into wealth.

The wealth so generated are exported and sold to domestic consumers for a huge price.
Significant portion of the sale proceeds remain the parallel or pesudo economy consisting of leaders large traders and corporate houses. Significant amont of the wealth is hidden in other eonomies so that the common man cannot see them.

The economic theories speak about maximising profit of such enterprises and growth in such industry.

These economic principles and practices  are dubious deviations from the original intent and concept of economy.
How does this create poverty?

The money do not come-back into real economy who produce real-products and real-services. The wealth stashed away to other economies.

This is the very reason of poverty in countries that were, once colonized by west.

 Wealth of the nation continues to flow-out in various forms. Some known means are buying technologies, buying war hardware.

Top ecolon's of modern societies in third world which includes political, Industrial leaders, Corporte houses and some of the beurocrats, continue inheriting aggressor's mind set can be seen comparing economies, policies and flow of money.


The common man who has an equal right over the nation's wealth is deprived of it.  As per  the economic theories and practice, nation's masses are entitled only for labor and nothing more.
The problem is lack of knowledge of majority of the population in third world.

Common man hood-winked!

The people from parallel economy throw a bone to silence the hungry masses through populist's schemes, distribution of freebies.


   Unlike Developed countries the wealth, go out of the economy and does not come back into our native economy who produce the wealth in the country. 
Wealth of third world countries   leave the countries to rich & powerful countries to import technologies and products of insignificant priorities.
Why should we import very large military hardware when even Nigeria, Pakistan and Srilanka twists their mushtaches against us.
These small neighborstrouble our fishermen, infiltrate militants into our border, unceasingly.

Government cannot protect their citizens or borders with high technology and weapon system. Why import them at all?

Summary of the foregoing discussion.

1. Citizen are deprived of their due share of the nation's wealth!
2. Economic indicators Stockmarket numbers and GDP merely indicate how much wealth  has been generated in the country and does not say the wealth in the country.

Ideally the indicator shall be reduction of poverty levels of the country's poor.

Governments mislead the poor that  Education system is a panacea for backwardness or socio-economic ills of the society.  
They are enticing them to middle class in the society. They know well that there  is no employment opportunities  matching  the number of people who need. 

More over, Education today creates only glorified clerks.

Reservation in education and employment is a Farce. But the Poor, due to their inability to think, believe reservations do good for them. 
(1) Economic Education in Developed countries, carved-in during their colonial past, is the root cause of economic problems that manifests as Social unrest, terrorism and every other crime.
(2) Ignorance of people who accept poverty, is the second cause.
Life is not static. Sufferings hasten growth of knowledge. Tomorrows poor will fight their way and take the share of nation's wealth which are cornered by a few.
To the best of my knowledge, no other author of  economic books would have
approached it the way I have done.
As usual there will be humor and stories.
Getting to the essence of Eonomic Education, 
it appears to have conceived when today;s developed nations were invaders and colonizers of previous centuries.
The thoeries assume divide people in three ways.
(1)  Land owners ( Zamindars) created from among the public and made them owners of the land by government by  dispossessing 
the natural owners.
(2) Resources, the Banks, Corporate houses that represented the invaders into an alien culture to rob their wealth.
(3) The natural citizens, who were considered only for living as laborers. The technology and innovations can render thenm unemployed and stave and the economic theories are silent about it.
The pity is the countries that got freedom from the invaders follow the same policies and processes
and the leaders who replaced the rulers continue exploiting the common man and busy taking the wealth away from the country.
This is what one can understand from modern economic theories!

One can down load a copy, for free for some time,  from the publishing portal
How to down load the free ebooks?

Why Countries are Rich and its
Citizens are poor?

......  aggressor mind-set of Leaders

Some Good hearts start NGOs to address a huge problem of poverty
Just Read this book, Educate People and make leaders to change their aggressor mind-set.

This is a book of Economics, treated in ways not done before!
I wish Economic Experts challenge the contents of the book.
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Good wishes

N Natarajan


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ஏழ்மையை ஏழைகள் ஒதுக்குவது எப்படி?
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